Further Information

The Costs

Cost to hire in Spain/Portugal: £325/Day

This price will include the use of tyre warmers, wet tyres if required and all fuel.

Bikes will be fitted with Pirelli SC1 or SC2 race tyres. If you require another set of Race tyres it is chargable.

Assistance and guidance - our experienced racer will be on hand throughout the day.

Don't forget you don't have to pay the transport costs to the track day organiser. Saving approximately £150


Deposit of £50 per Bike per day


Balance to be paid no later then 2 weeks before the eventt.

Cancellations 14 days or more, a fee of £25 per event day per bike  will be charged. Cancellations less then 14 Days notice NO refund will be given and any outstanding balance owing for the bike hire will be charged..




If the bike sustains damage due to a fall or collision then the rider is liable up to maximum of £600.

We will endeavour to repair any crash damage for you to continue riding, should a repair  not be possibly then you will be unable to continue,  this applies to both UK and multiple days on European track days


Track Days

Bikes must be hired for the duration of the Event and not for Individual days.

We will deliver the Bikes to the Circuit. You will not have to pay the Track day provider for bike transportation plus not having the inconvenience of getting your bike to and from a collection point in the UK.